Saturday, September 11, 2010

Official Season 3 Merlin Trailer #2

This one is pretty similar to the 1st one I put up.. but just a little bit different...

Merlin Series 3 - Official Teaser Trailer [spoilers]

Heres another teaser for ya! some is from the end of the 2nd series but goes on to continue to the 3rd one.. enjoy!

Can't Wait!!!! Merlin Series 3 trailer

OOoH This is just a bit exciting! SEason 3!! Looks pretty Cool!

Have a lovely Sunday!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Our Creek is Flooded!!!

On the weekend we had heaps of rain, in Victoria, So mostly everywhere is FLOODED or under water! 
All This is all exciting for me as I haven't ever seen it flooded this much. It's almost like a lake, as it's too huge to be a creek..
Here are just some pictures... But it is more flooded in other areas of the state. So just imagine all that water!
Water over our bridge

Our Bridge Under water!

We also had this huge tree fall down today!
we went for a picnic beside our huge creek, on this nice Spring day.
Also picked some wild flowers.
We had to put the cars on the other side of the bridge, to get across you may have to go by boat.
in the canoe..
trying to get it a shore.

rowing in canoe.

THis was taken Sunday, which it has gone up by heaps, So we are to get around by boat for a while.

                       God Bless,
                                            Lala Lass