Thursday, October 7, 2010

Slack I know!!!! UPDATE!

Yess I have been Slack! As I haven't posted in ages!So This is for those who have been waiting for me to post something... So this is a UPDATE!

Well I suppose I haven't mentioned that I have a New nephew! again..  He's a 10lb boy named Gerard Mathew... Very big, but cute!  
Gerard Mathew.. First Bath!

Braedon, little Gerard and myself!
We also at this time had A super cool  friend come to visit! Which we Enjoyed his company Immensely!!! (Come back soon!)

Being random!!

Therese (niece) and myself
This is my niece and myself in Highland dancing outfits, as we went and danced at an old peoples home.

Frills an all!!
We also went bowling, which as you can see was heaps of fun!

abit of swing action happening

Score board! can you tell whom is winning?
 Heaps Excited for the End OF MONTH!!!!!!!!!!

Ahhh!!!!!!!!  CREX!!!!!!!! :D

Last year!
Some pictures from Last year pilgrimage! 
First day, Mass in little Church

Lots of people..

              God Bless
                                    Lala Lass


  1. It looks like my brother beat you!!

  2. HAHa..... UMmmm YES! I'm not very good at it... so of course I'm gonna lose to him..

  3. Glad to read your posts again! (lol)
    AW! The baby is WAY cute! =D

    (Thanks for the update :)